Library advice
Desktop publishing
Editing and proofreading
Efficient communication
Localization of software
Technical and linguistic testing
Terminology management


One-to-one courses
Courses designed for individuals wanting an intensive one-to-one course, and in special programs for educational, cultural and business organizations.  For further information on tailored courses, send us a message and we will contact you soon.

Special corporate plans
Courses designed for professionals, executives and officers who need to handle a foreign language.  Classwork includes grammar and structure, the vocabulary used in the specific field of the company, idioms, oral practice, writing, reading and listening comprehension.  There may be also some use of video where we think it useful.  All students will be tested so that classes can be formed, or the methodology can be also adjusted to groups with a heterogeneous language level.  The size of these classes will be limited.

Training for specific purposes
Business Language: This course is designed for company executives, officers and employees in need of an introduction to the terms and concepts of the business field.  All students will be tested so that classes can be formed.  The size of these classes will be limited.  The following subjects are covered: the language of business, business letters and reports, telephoning skills, business meetings and negotiations, presentations and simulations.

Legal Language
This course is designed for non-lawyers, as well as for lawyers and law students in need of an introduction to the terms and concepts of another legal system (North American, British, or Brazilian, as the case may be), business contracts, corporate law, finance law, etc.

Preparation for International Examinations
Cambridge First Certificate (CFC), Certificate of Advanced English (CAE), Proficiency, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and others.

Placement test for hiring new personnel
If you are in the process of hiring new personnel and you need to have the prospective employees tested in a specific language, Deyá idiomas will go to your company or will have a personal interview with them.