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Localization of software

Localization is the process of adapting a product to the language and cultural standards of a specific region, as well as to the needs of a specific market.

Localization of software
The localization of a software program implies the translation of the resources of the program (dialog boxes, menus and messages), as well as the processes of adjustment of size and validation of the software program.  Deyá idiomas offers a complete solution.

Localization of documentation

The major portion of localization projects includes printed and online documentation.  We can work with different types of files and formats.  With the help of computer assisted translation tools, we can assure coherence and efficiency in the translation.  

• Installation manuals
• User manuals
• Training manuals
• Online help

Localization of Web pages
The World Wide Web has eliminated the geographic barriers for business. However, the linguistic barriers still exist.
The localization of your Web page will allow people who do not speak your local language to get to know your company and products.  In other words, your business will be opened to international markets.