The most important projects carried out by Deyá idiomas in the last three years are primarily related to the translation, localization and editing of material for direct clients, translation agencies and localization companies.

The following list includes projects most recently carried by Deyá idiomas team grouped by industry:

Construction SAP
Children Software
Legal Telecoms
Oil Telecoms

Editing for Techint, a global engineering, procurement and construction service company (Argentina branch).  Web content from Spanish into English.  Volume: About 80,000 words.

Localization for Catapulta Editores, a publishing house based in Argentina. Eleven books for children entertainment from English into Portuguese. Volume: About 40,000 words.

Translation & glossary creation for M. & M. Bomchil, a major Argentine law firm. Legal and financial documentation from English into Spanish. Volume: About 600,000 words.

Translation of bidding material for Glencore, a global supplier of commodities and raw material (Argentina branch). Language pair: Spanish into English. Volume: About 60,000 words.

In-house localization & glossary creation for Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company (Argentina branch). Language pair: English into Portuguese. Volume: About 500,000 words.

Localization of software manuals for Correo Argentino, the official Argentine post office. Language pair: English into Spanish. Volume: About 100,000 words.

Localization for Exiros, a global procurement services company (Argentina branch). Training manuals from Spanish into English. Volume: About 200,000 words.

Localization & glossary creation for Rad Data Communications (Argentina office), a global developer of access solutions for data and telecommunications applications. Installation and operation manual from English into Spanish. Volume: About 50,000 words.  

Translation for Verizon Business (Argentina office), a global data service provider. Documentation from English into Portuguese and vice versa.  Volume: About 40,000 words.


Localization of network management doc & software files for Huawei Technologies, Inc. a telecoms company based in China. Language pair: English into Spanish. Volume: 1,000,000 words.