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Desktop publishing

Translated documents can be produced on an electronic file, high-resolution color output, simply typed, or presented in virtually any format you require.  We have the technical know-how, the technological tools, and the talent to meet your specifications — all by your deadline.

Our technological resources are unrivalled in the industry.  Deyá idiomas can convert complex files from Mac to PC, and delivers electronic files that clients can use without having to invest in special applications or fonts.

Errors can be costly, so our quality control is rigid.  Deyá idiomas offers three levels of oversight: a translator, an editor and a proofreader, all check documents.  We make sure words do not go astray, that hyphenation does not alter meaning, that words stressed in the original document have the same stress in the translated piece.  We also double-check your graphics, photos and color schemes to make sure they are appropriate for the specific culture of your target audience