Work System

Work System

If you stopped to read this page it is because you are already conscious about the importance of professional intervention in a translation process in order to achieve successful communication in another language.

For Deyá idiomas this intervention is not limited to just the organization of qualified professionals around a specific project, but rather to the putting in motion of our extensively proven work system focused on the quality of the final product and the satisfaction of the client.

For Deyá idiomas there does not exist, in this sense, a project of greater or lesser size.  All our projects are submitted to the same rigorous system which consists of:

Analysis and evaluation of the project: for the purposes of identifying and assigning the internal resources most appropriate for the particular job.

Identification of critical points of the project:
such as delivery time, format, specific terminology, necessary software, among others.

Creation of terminology glossary:
both specific and generic so as to guarantee the effectiveness and coherence of the final work, and allows for the optimization of production time and reduces risks that errors are made.

Evaluation and assignment of resources: both human and complementary technological, such as translation memories, software, designers and necessary equipment according to the specific project.

Editing process and quality control: operating on the basis of double quality control, the first strictly language and the second overall.